Medicine Bow Wisdom - Intuitive Guidance, Life Coaching & Spiritual Guidance | 5 Ways To Start Living Your Dreams Today | Medicine Bow Wisdom | Intuitive Guidance, Life Coaching & Spiritual Counseling
5 Ways To Start Living Your Dreams Today | Medicine Bow Wisdom | Intuitive Guidance, Life Coaching & Spiritual Counseling
Psychic Reading, Psychic Medium, Psychic in Casper Wyoming, Psychic Near Me, 5 Ways To Start Living Your Dreams Today | Medicine Bow Wisdom | Intuitive Guidance, Life Coaching & Spiritual Counseling
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Living the Life of Your Dreams by Medicine Bow Wisdom | Intuitive, Life Coach & Spiritual Counselor

5 Ways To Start Living Your Dreams

Do you want to create a life you love, where you’re excited to get out of bed each morning, feel the bliss of self-acceptance, live your purpose, and share your light with others?

While I don’t believe there’s a single way of living that works perfectly for everyone, I do believe there are basic steps we can take to find happiness. As such, I’ve compiled 5 ways I’ve discovered to live your best life:


Ask yourself, “What do I really want out of life? Who am I meant to be? How do I get there or become this person?” Once you know these answers, you begin to open to the limitless possibilities of the Universe.


As the saying goes, “When you know, you know.” If your heart, gut, and/or intuition says to do it – go for it! If you feel hesitant, or that something isn’t right, leave it behind. Deep down, you know the answers.


There is a source in the Universe that wants you to receive that which is meant for you. By letting go, surrendering, and trusting, you flow into faith, synchronicity, and opportunities beyond your wildest dreams. Be like water, and simply flow.


Even if it is unconventional or different. As long as it doesn’t harm you or another living being – live your truth. You have a uniqueness that only you can share; there is no other you. Do what you love, and you will love life.


We live in a world that often encourages self-doubt, low self-esteem, and fear. However, these are simply beliefs, and beliefs can be changed. By knowing you are worthy of wonderfulness, you begin to receive it. Some media I recommend on the topic of changing beliefs includes: “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay, “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, and “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

Remember: by listening to the call of your intuition and the Divine, as well as following your heart, you’ll live your best life, find your purpose, and move in the direction of your soul’s path.

✧ Much Love 

Medicine Bow




Sherrie is a well known certified professional psychic, certified life coach & certified spiritual counselor. She works with clients from many different walks of life. In person sessions are available at her office located in Casper, Wyoming. Phone calls, FaceTime & Zoom are available for her clients that are located in other states and those internationally located.

When you book a session with her, get ready to experience “Ah-Hah Moments,” deeper understanding and greater wisdom regarding your life. It is her passion to uncover the answers you seek so that you may walk the path more intuitively, empowered, supported and confident in your next steps.

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