Psychic, Intuition, Life Coaching & Spiritual Guidance | Medicine Bow Wisdom offers a professional, certified Psychic Readings, Life Coaching, & Spiritual Guidance.
Medicine Bow Wisdom offers a professional, certified Psychic Readings, Life Coaching & Spiritual Guidance in Casper, WY, nationally (USA) & Internationally. Being gifted since birth - Clairvoyant, Clairaudient & Claircognizant guidance to bring greater clarity & wisdom on the path ahead.
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My reading with Sherrie was one of the best hours I’ve ever invested in myself! Sherrie is warm and kind and most certainly possesses a keen divine talent. I immediately felt at ease with Sherrie, like we had known each other for a very long time. She was incredibly accurate about details and communicated messages to me in a clear and loving way. I look forward to meeting with Sherrie again in the future!

~Suzanne A


“My reading was so precious! Sherrie has a gift that she has offered to all of us, her customers! I feel so blessed that I recieved a christmas gift of her reading, that I could walk away knowing some truly heartfelt things, as a forever keepsake and comfort in my heart. Sherrie is an amazing person, giving you her fun loving personality and the warmth of her friendship. Sherrie is the real deal, honest and a true professional. I can’t wait for the next session with this lovely lady. ~♡b”

 ~Brenda D

Sherrie is a sincere and gifted intuitive. Warm and compassionate, Sherrie is professional and clear in presentation. My reading was close to 6 months ago. Enough time has passed to see Sherrie’s insights happen much as she suggested they would. Sherrie helped me through a very difficult time with confidence, kindness and amazing intuitive ability. Go see her!  You won’t regret it.

~Andrea A


“Sherrie is a very compassionate and intuitive soul. She helped me better understand my spiritual path and showed me how to ground myself in the midst of a family tragedy. She provided messages of love, encouragement, and hope that make my future feel brighter. I treasure the time we spent together and look forward to experiencing her gifts in the future.”
Literally Soothing
I have spoken with you twice. Both times I have felt peace afterwords. It’s like you knew me all along. When you connected with my spirit guide, it was unlike anything else. You are absolutely gifted. I appreciate your advice and I look forward to my future. I wish you the best as well.
~Adri De Di
I had never done anything like this before, but now I am so thankful for the reading I had with Sherrie! Talking with her, it definitely brought me peace and hope with some hard things I have been dealing with. Her words were so reassuring and comforting. After the meeting it has helped me to be more motivated to better my health and to have a more positive mindset. Sherrie is such a kind soul and I would definitely recommend going to her.
~Kimmi B
Sherrie is Impeccable in every way! My soul was touched beyond words. She was able to tap in quickly and assist at the highest spiritual levels to communicate what options and steps could benefit the most in love, business and life purpose. The guidance and love emitting from her energy is such an inspiration and will propel me forward on my illuminated path. She truly is fabulous!
My time with Sherrie was so perfect. She was able to give specific detail about people/situations that literally blew me away and was able to share guidance and direction that I needed. I was filled with so much hope and excitement and am looking forward to doing my “work”! My best friend is now going to book a reading, I highly recommend her!
~Meredith J
Sherrie is impressively accurate. I was introduced to her by a dear friend. It’s been a while since I’ve had a reading by anyone so I was a little nervous at first but Sherrie’s sincerity and kindness quickly calmed me. Her insights where accurate and gave me the clarity to move forward. I am grateful to my friend for introducing me to this wonderfully gifted lady and can’t wait for my next reading.
~Marissa H
I had four questions for Sherrie and she was able to give me some insight into things that I have been pondering and praying about. She could tell me about someone in my life and what that persons past was like (which is right on the money) and what the future may look like! I highly recommend making an appt with Sherrie! She’s the real Deal! Thank you Sherrie!
~Candace J
My session with Sherrie was amazing! I was shocked at how accurate she was with everything she knew about me. Everything that she told me resonated! She is also extremely warm and caring, gave great advice, and made me feel calm about current situations and the future. I highly recommend booking a reading with her! I have felt much more in tune with myself since the reading.
~Sara U
I recently had an opportunity for a reading with Sherrie and it was really a great experience. She helped clarify some things I’ve been stuck on, as well as reinforced that the path I’m following is indeed the one I need to take. Sherrie really tunes in and listens to your questions. I enjoyed my reading and my overall interaction with Sherrie. She’s a wonderful person!
~Erika S
Always Spot On!
I’ve had three readings with Sherrie and she has been spot on every time. This first reading was centered around my health and everything she said turned out to be 100% accurate. The second was about a job interview and I ended up getting the offer and, again, was spot on! I have left each reading refreshed, energized and centered – thank you so much, Sherrie!
I came to Sherrie in a bit of an unconventional way. I had won a session with her that she had donated for a fundraiser. I’ve never really been drawn to visit a psychic… However my Session with Sherrie was amazing. I loved how she encouraged me to find my own voice and only take the things that she said would resonate with my higher self. Her words have been insightful and valuable in my life and I’m still using them daily. Will definitely go and see her again!!
~Janette G


Sherrie is warm and lovely, and although some of the things she had to tell me were difficult to hear, she delivered them in a way that made me feel empowered and in charge of my own life. She was encouraging and insightful, and I am excited for our next session.
~Jess H
Sherrie’s readings bring clarity and insight even amidst turbulent times. She is pure heart and doesn’t give advise based on her ego. She is straight forward and tells you what she sees. I love her honest and caring approach. I highly recommend her!
I have a trust, love and respect for Sherrie. She’s resourceful. Kind, and very generous of her time heart and wisdom, I receive clarity and a feeling of peace when speaking with her…I’m never left with any confusion, as the path before me is unfolding with insights she takes great pride in providing…thank you again.
Sherrie focused on the areas of concern for me and addressed each one with clarity and accuracy. That is how you can tell the real true person who is connected to Spirit! Thank you Sherrie for allowing Spirit to work through you to help others. I very much appreciate your assistance at a time I needed insite most! You are beautiful inside and out!
~Suzie B

I have chosen this form of what I like to call a “spiritual tune up” ever since my father passed away suddenly 12 years ago. I have seen many psychics along the way, and I can say that without a doubt Sherrie is the best I have ever seen. Sherrie has a beautiful gift that she shares with lots of light and love upon delivery. The way she delivers the messages she receives is honest, heartfelt, and genuine. She’s an amazing person and I gladly will be back for my next spiritual tune up.

~Jill P


After my second experience with Sherrie’s reading, I am grateful once again for her insight and informational wisdom. I was able to understand and apply it immediately. She is and amazing balance of warmth and truth. I will be sure to go to her again, for additional readings, as insight is needed.


This was the first reading for me and Sherrie put me at ease immediately! She was spot on for many of my personality traits and made some great suggestions about how to move forward towards future goals I definitely left our session with clarity and a sense of peace.
~Lisa S
Sherrie gave me a very accurate reading and made me very hopeful for 2018! She had details that there is no way she could have known and gave me great guidance on each of my questions. She also has such a empathic and compassionate way of communicating these amazing messages! It eased my nervousness for the reading. I’m so glad I had this reading and will definitely be back for more!
~Holly P

I found that I and Sherrie connected easily. I was very comfortable speaking with her about my life and concerns. She was very kind and had a genuine nature She was very insightful and helpful. I really enjoyed her spiritual wisdom and knowledge. I came away feeling more on track with life and dealing with things.



“My daughter and I recently had our first sessions with Sherrie, and look forward to more in the future. She was attentive, accomodating, and genuine. Her intuitive messages and impressions were reassuring and helpful. Thank you again, Sherrie, for the welcomed spiritual guidance. We’ll be back.”


Sherrie was very intuitive and helped me start looking forward to a brighter future! I am glad that I went and will be going back again!
~A  Happy Client


My time with Sherrie yesterday was a gift from a friend, and one of the best gifts I have received. Sherrie spoke to me with warmth and kindness and knew exactly what she was talking about when we we discussed my questions. In addition, her answers and visions resonated with me and what I know and what I sought from her and her gift. I feel more hopeful today than I did before I met with Sherrie and I will indeed reach out to her again when the time is right.
~Jill L


My reading was very informative and right on track. I am looking forward to another session with Sherrie soon.
Sherrie is one of the most gifted psychic channels I have met.  She delivers the message with clarity and specific accurate information that make it clear the information came from a blessed source of truth.  I am so happy that I walked into her shop and found her.   

Sherrie’s abilities are nothing short of astounding! She was detailed and accurate beyond measure. Everything she said was right on point with where I am and where I’m going. I was so impressed I brought a few friends to meet her and after she read for them they were equally as thrilled! Thank you Sherrie for sharing your gift with the rest of us. You are a truly gifted healer and I am so glad I’ve found you!


Sherrie was extremely helpful in guiding me in new directions in my life that I would of not explored. She answered many questions I had not been clear on for quite some time. I feel a little bit lighter after our consultation. I highly recommend Sherrie as she is very professional and compassionate!

~Lisa T


Sherrie was warm and inviting, she provided a safe, friendly place for me to talk and ask questions. Her answers seem to be right on track with my life. I appreciate her positive approach and look forward to setting up another session in the future. I will also recommend her to others.
~Alison B

When I went into my reading with Sherrie I had no idea what to expect and was honestly a bit nervous. However, upon meeting her I immediately felt at ease. Sherrie has a calm and very welcoming presence about her. I had requested a mediumship, but wasn’t sure how much I trusted the process. Minutes into my session I was a believer. She was immediately able to share information that she couldn’t have possibly known prior to our meeting. Sherrie was not only able to give me guidance but also the gift of communicating with loved ones on the other side. I am so thankful and look forward to returning.



“My session with Sherrie was wonderful. She is amazing, warm and gifted. I felt honored to have received the insight, guidance and sincere connection from her and to myself. I will be returning. “


Sherrie is very good at what she does. I found her scincere, loving, honest, focused, very clear and accurate. She’s pure of heart. I got an excellent reading with solutions, insights and an action plan I was able to decide on. She’s very generous with her time. I appreciate her a lot and will access her guidance again in the future.


Sometimes you meet someone and you feel like you already know them, that is how Sherrie makes you feel. Her shop is awesome! You can find all kinds of goodies and gifts. She also gave me a reading while I was there and she was spot on!


I was introduced to Sherrie and her lovely shop through a friend of mine. From the moment you walk into Sherrie’s shop you can just feel a warm, positive and inviting energy. I had never had a reading before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I found that Sherrie is an amazing person! She is a very gifted and loving soul. The reading was very insightful and helped me to feel more at ease and encouraged about my future and the direction I should be heading. It was really fun listening to her as she was being guided by my spirit guides and guardian angel. She was very detailed about what messages they were trying to convey to me. Sherrie was spot on about so much, as I sat there and listened, I felt a calm come over me letting me know I had come to the right person. If you have never had a reading because you didn’t know who you could trust, I highly recommend you go to Sherrie and put all your doubt aside. She is truly gifted in her abilities and I felt as if I had known her my whole life. She was my ray of sunshine on that day and I am hoping to be able to make it to some of her classes and other events. Thank you so much Sherrie!


My friend took me for a birthday reading with Sherrie.  The experience was wonderful!  Sherrie immediately received information from my guides that I resonated with.  That information was further confirmed and explained from the cards that she pulled. I felt supported and connected the whole time.


What a lovely and inspiring reading. Sherrie was so down to earth and accessible I was made to I feel as though I were talking to a friend. She was kind, funny and generous. I had been struggling with my spiritual path for sometime and needed some guidance and sense of direction when I met Sherrie in her boutique. The information she gave me steered me in the right direction and eased my confusion of who I am supposed to be. My search is not over but knowing my direction makes life easier to say the least. If you are struggling with any decision, or just feel that something doesn’t feel right, I would recommend a reading from Sherrie. Allow her to share her beautiful gifts with you. I’m so glad I did!



Sherrie said everything I feel. Her description of what she saw is exactly as I perceived each situation. I live out of state but will definitely contact her by phone as I have more to find out. She was very genuine.

~Mary Ann Mazur


I was so happy with the reading with Sherrie. She made me feel so comfortable and has such a warm, friendly personality! I was able to get all my questions answered and more! This was a wonderful mother’s day surprise from my daughter! Thank you again, I thoroughly enjoy my time with Sherrie!

~Susan J

I thoroughly enjoyed the reading you gave me recently!  I loved all the beautiful cards you used and the information you shared was “spot-on”! The messages and information helped me to reconnect and remember who I really am and opened my heart.  Also the health information you shared really resonated for me & gave me clear direction. You have great gifts & come from a Divine Place with integrity & compassion. I look forward to my future readings with you!

Thank you!


She told me things that sounded strange to her, but Spirit told her to tell me. When she was done, I explained the strange things and exactly what it all meant to me. It made no sense to her, but made PERFECT sense to me and was totally accurate!! Her messages from the Other Side were exactly what I needed and I will definitely be seeing her quite often!


I can’t begin to express the joy and love Sherrie shares with me.  She has been incredibly helpful with her guidance and knowledge on my path to spirituality.  Her visions and readings are truly  “on the money”.  I highly recommend her ability to give insight into anything you might need assistance with.


It was an unexpected but delightful treat to have a reading by Sherrie on a recent trip to Troutdale, Oregon. Her kind and insightful words delivered with great respect were shared within the safety of her peaceful shop space.  What I learned was affirming, supportive and encouraging of my way forward.

Thank you, Sherrie!


Sherrie, thank you for your insightful reading!! I greatly enjoyed our session! I found it very intuitive and informative. You gave me meaningful insight into my current situation which was causing some confusion for me.


Sherrie was great to talk with. She was genuine and very sincere about addressing my concerns. Will def speak with her again!

~Sherry H


I have to admit, I had a bit of anxiety coming into my 50 minute session. What was she going to tell me I thought? Something I don’t want to hear?? After sitting down with Sherrie, I felt calmer immediately. She has a soothing, nurturing and grounding presence. As we got into my questions, I realized that whatever kind of answers and insights she was going to tell me, it was going to be expressed in a loving manner that felt energetically empowering. I’m very happy with my visit!


I’ve been lost for awhile in my life going through a transitioning period from high school to college in short period time. It was a random visit to down town Troutdale when I noticed this eccentric little shop. There was a lovely lady standing behind the cash register, and I asked about the angel session. She explained greatly what she intended to do and it was exactly what I needed. I had been wanting to do tarot card reading. Sherrie is amazing! She answered all the questions that I have been wanting answers to….   And I cant wait to go back and learn more.